Whether you're planning a retreat for the leadership team, preparing your Senior VP for a big interview, or readying your sales staff for an international meeting, Peter Bubriski Associates can customize training seminars or one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to your individual needs. 

Presentation Skills
We cover every aspect of a successful presentation, so you look and feel confident on the big day:

• Organization
• Visual Design
• Openings and Closings
• Delivery
• Nerves (and how to use them to your advantage)

Participants are taped and critiqued individually, and are given ample time to practice.


Sales Presentations
We coach teams for group presentations to agencies and organizations to help you win the job!

We review basic presentation skills, and then focus on techniques specific to team presentations, including:
• Shaping the message
• Presenting as a group
• Team building
• Facilitating Q&A

These sessions include video taping and on-camera techniques.

Peter Bubriski Associates also offers customized training in:
• Meeting Management
• Media Coaching
• Interviewing Skills
• Diction & Voice Improvement
• Telephone Skills

Coaching and Assessment Services
Peter Bubriski Coaching Services are customized to your unique situation, using a variety of tools and techniques to improve business results and overcome individual career or life challenges.

Our Coaching Services are embedded with the following principles:
• Results-Driven and Pragmatic
• Authentic & Honest
• Respectful and Committed
• Confidential

Peter Bubriski Associates will engage you in a mutually beneficial dialogue of focus, reflection, learning, and development to help you reach your business and/or personal goals.

Our assessment services provide clients with access to rigorous, reputable self-assessment tools combined with analysis and recommendations from an experienced behavioral practitioner. This process provides our clients with empirical data on their:
• personality traits,
• emotional and social competencies,
• values and motivators,
• and other areas to move them forward professionally.   

Coaching & Assessment packages include, but are not limited to:
• Executive transitions
• Team development
• Management blindspots
• and Leadership Potential


“Thank you so much for the great workshop you provided to my team!  They are all asking ‘when is Peter coming back’?”
—Valerie Sullivan, Ascend Specialty Pharmacy